About Us - Profile of SMR Group

SMR GROUP has been founded in the 1995 and is one of the fast moving group which is diverse in manufacturing, trading, reselling and exports. The group strength lies in multi products manufacturing and distribution over network, which is well established in India. SMR GROUP has the contacts and experience leverage over last few years, which brings value, market position and excellent service offering status in Ophthalmic Industry.

SMR Opthalmic

SMR Opthalmic is a company, which is engaged in manufacturing of Artificial Eyes, Optical Implants, Cosmetic Shells, Corneal Shields, Conformers, Open Fornices Conformers, Spherical ( Mules) Implants & Castroveijo Implants. We are one of the early starters in this industry and we sell our products to direct clients and also act as an OEM manufacturer. We have state of the art facility in Mumbai, which has a complete and exhaustive system under one roof. This company specializes in manufacturing and has over 30 employees. All the employees are well trained and have the requisite knowledge in manufacturing. We have ISO En 13485:2003 certified facility which allows us standarization & gives in the highest benchmark in quality. Our products are also CE certified which enables us to sell our products in European Union(EU). The company engages in distribution of BIOPORE Implants. These implants are used after enucleation or evisriation following the orbital Surgery. This helps in vascularization of muscle through the implants and integrating the implant in to the eye socket. This allows the patient high degree of Motility and movement in the eye. The material is Bio compatible and is manufactured in ISO certified Facility and also has CE 1023 mark for European distribution.

SMR Custom Eye Fitting Center

SMR Custom Eye Fitting Center is dedicated to the one eyed patients who are psychologically and physically affected. In this centre, we prepare an artificial eye and cosmetic shell, which actually fits the patient who does not have an eye. It helps the patient to overcome this handicap and resumes his normal life again. This centre is operational from the inception and also has a free services section for the needy and poor. This is one of the oldest and one of its kind centre in India and attracts patients from all over India. We also have 2 branches in Mumbai at Malad West and Dadar West and one Branch in Banglore . These branches helps us in reaching out to the needy patients and poor section of the society.

SMR Lens

SMR Lens is a company, which is engaged in market distribution & networking for all the products that are available for distribution. This company specializes in distribution via, dealers, distributor, chemists, etc. The strategy that is followed is a combination of direct and indirect channel. We have many dealers all over the country and distributors overseas that market and distribute our products. Some of our products are Artificial Eyes, Optical Implants, Sidra IOLs, Aurolab IOLs, USIOL, Bladez (our microsurgical disposable range), Surgical instruments, Sutures, contact lenses and other ophthalmic drugs. We also follow the policy of “one region, one dealer” which gives the dealer confidence and helps us in organizing better.